No need to wait for manual surveys, consulting or benchmarking assessments to take action.

Accelerate decision making, action change, improve experiences and business performance.


A behavioural analysis platform, with intelligent insight that improves transformation outcomes and rates of success

Human and AI-powered behavioural analysis platform, delivering Intelligent Insight and Outcomes (iiQ) on Customer, Culture and Change, to measure and improve customer experience, employee experience, organisational belonging and change management.

Transparent Pyramid2


Employee Ex

Improve customer experience, retention and revenue outcomes

Evidence based insight on employee and customer communications, behaviours and relationships, across enterprise business and technology services companies. Business leaders and their teams can make faster and more informed decisions, with actionable insight when they need it, to improve business and sales forecasting, customer success, service delivery, operations and management, revenue retention and profitable growth.

No more waiting for NPS scores and other manual surveys to understand the customer sentiment, how they feel about your products and services or why that deal won't close.

Actionable customer experience insight when you need it.


Improve employee experience, culture and talent outcomes

AI-powered platform, that measures behavioural analysis and sentiment from the standard business communications systems used by people, to deliver anonomised and evidence based insight on how connected, engaged and enabled employees are within the organisation. Improve the ability to measure your culture and employee experience, manage talent retention and growth, improve ways of working for people.

No more waiting for eNPS scores or other manual surveys to understand your culture, employee experience, risk of talent churn or when to introduce new talent for growth.

Actionable employee experience insight when you need it.




Improve transformation & business performance outcomes

The AI platform delivers intelligent insight on organisational belonging and ability of people in the business to accept change. Improves your success of transformational change initiatives such as innovation and business model change, digital business transformation, remote and hybrid working, M&A integration and exit management.

Combine Customer Experience insight with Employee Experience insight, for deeper understanding and identification of opportunities to increase business growth. Identify performance issues in the business, why they are happening and how to address them. Mitigate risk, drive profitable growth, improve experiences and business performance.

Actionable change experience insight when you need it.

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