Evidence based insight that improves human decision making, experiences and performance

Collaborative human and AI system of intelligence platform, that delivers sentiment based behavioural insight, enabling people to analyse, predict and proactively change behaviours, relationships, experiences, processes and business performance. Actionable insight and predictions from measures on Organisational Belonging, Organisational Change Acceptance, Employee Experience and Customer Experience. Make informed decisions for change, based on evidence based insight that is meaningful, actionable and trusted by people.

Delivering Intelligent Insight & Outcomes (iiQ)

Empowering people with intelligent insight across silo's

The Platform uses various artificial intelligence tools and techniques, analysing the language used by people in their digital text communications, to understand human behaviour and sentiment across organisational silo's. Evidence based, AI-powered insight is combined with deep operational expertise from experienced people, to analyse, predict and proactively change the behaviours, actions and relationships in organisations, that deliver a positive impact on human experiences and wellbeing, ways of working and business performance.

Data is collected from the previous 12 months and immediately provides meangingful, evidence based insight. The platform does not collect the actual content of individual messages processed, but rather analyses sentiment and behaviour at a team or function level, with the system preventing teams of less than four people, to ensure the privacy of people inside and outside the organisation.

Afinico iiQ




Create a sense of belonging for people

The platform measures employee engagement, psychological safety, relationships and enablement scores, determining the sense of belonging of people within the organisation, to its purpose, vision, values and strategy.

Use this measure and the insight, to create an environment where people have a sense of belonging within the organisation and its future direction.


Enable people to embrace change

The platform measures response rates, individual network structures, communication behaviour variation and output, to determine ability of people in the business to embrace and adapt to organisational change.

Use this measure and the insight, to create an environment where people can embrace organisational change for improving business performance.




employee connectivity

Break down organisational silo's

Connectivity contains a series of measures relating to how people in the organisation communicate across teams and with other people, which provides a great platform for teamwork, collaboration and innovation.

Break down organisational silo's by understanding how teams engage across the organisation, with each other, their customers and partners.


Improve talent retention and productivity

Measure engagement of people and alignment with the organisational objectives. Employee engagement in most organisations, is around 35%. Improve this rate with talent retention and productivity, which delivers a great customer experience, profitability and organisational effectiveness.

Proactively identify any changes in behaviours and sentiment, that indicate a risk of talent churn within various teams across the business.



Create psychological safety for growth

Enablement analyses the culture and structure of an organisation and how it enables individuals to perform their role and be part of the broader organisation, for innovation, learning, change and growth opportunities.

Identify the strength of team interactions and relationships and the relationships between the teams and the leaders in the organisation.




Identify which teams are engaging with the customers, how often and how effectively

The Communications measure in the platform, understands whether the customer or the organisations is initiating the conversation, with either a proactive or a passive score being presented. It also determines how the overall communication is being managed, including measures such as communications behaviour, honesty and trust indicators in the conversations.

Identify how quickly the organisation and the customers are responding to each other, a strong indicator of the health of the relationship and the effectiveness of  people and teams to provide a great customer experience.


Understand customer sentiment and behaviour for customer engagement

Understand who is talking most in communications, with an organisation aiming for equal number of communications received to those being sent, to measure sentiment and willingness to engage between the teams.

Determine whether the communications from staff is passive, passive aggressive, aggressive or neutral when talking with customers. The platform also measures the behaviour of customers to understand how they are feeling about services provided and the team relationships.



Measure and manage customer relationships for retention, acquisition, upsell and growth

Measure the number of people from the organisation that talk to each customer, determining if the conversations are positive or negative, and to understand the mood of the conversations. Define the number of topic types being discussed, with other measures, to understand the nature of the customer relationships.

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