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AI-Powered Behavioral Analysis to help people and businesses grow.

The Situation

Change, such as hybrid/remote work, digital transformation, M&A activity, business and operating model change and more, is having an increasing impact on team Culture and Customer relationships.

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The Problem

Leaders don’t have the visibility they need, when they need it, which impacts decision making, productivity and slows their ability to act and proactively improve business performance.

Traditional solutions, such as NPS, eNPS, Customer and Employee Experience Surveys and SaaS solutions (such as CRM, HRM) are static, siloed, and based on self assessment with historical insight.

The Solution

An AI-powered system of intelligence that processes digital communications data and builds a behavioural model of the organisation, with actionable insight to accelerate performance.

Leaders now have dynamic visibility and understanding of their Customer relationships, organisational Culture and Change execution, to intervene, act and improve business performance.

Neurabiz Logo white copy

A Predictive Analytics Solution

Goodbye to traditional survey methods, NPS and eNPS solutions. Hello to a more dynamic solution that delivers real-time visibility and understanding of your customer relationships, team culture and ability to lead change.

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Lift transformation productivity to lift business performance

Understand and predict change fatigue to deliver transformation that lifts business performance.


Lift productivity, wellbeing and retention of people and teams

Understand, predict and improve talent retention, team engagement, team productivity and wellbeing.


Lift profitability, growth and relationships with customers

Understand customer and team relationships, predict churn and sentiment for profitable growth.


Understand team behavior that impacts financial performance

Understand the business behaviors that may be contributing to revenue churn and/or declining profitability.

Predictive analytics solution with early visibility & actionable insight.

Neurabiz processes business communications data to measure human behavior, sentiment and emotion across organizational silo's.

Providing early visibility of the risks and opportunities to improve experiences for people and customers, lift productivity, profitability and performance.

Solution Framework

Transform your unstructured data into meaningful insight.

Leverage your unstructured data for real-time business visibility with actionable insight, to lift teams, productivity and business performance.

Dynamic behavioral analysis with actionable insight.

In-house enterprise solution with privacy & security.

System of intelligence based on extensive research.

Insight based on last 12 months and current data.

Actionable insight and time to value within weeks.

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Real-time understanding of customer facing relationships.

Dynamic business visibility of the engagement between clients and teams to reduce churn and deliver growth.

  • Reduce churn and retain key customers
  • Grow customer and team relationships
  • Lift sales productivity & profitable growth


Real-time understanding of hybrid and remote working relationships.

Dynamic business visibility of the engagement, productivity and wellbeing of your teams in today's hybrid working world.

  • Reduce churn and retain your key talent
  • Lift team engagement and enablement
  • Lift inclusion, wellbeing, safety & more
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Real-time understanding of transformation relationships.

Dynamic business visibility of the engagement between teams in transformation, outsourcing & change projects.

  • Improve transformation engagement
  • Enable your teams for transformation
  • Improve the transformation experience

Time to value within weeks, not months.


We analyze your business communications data

We analyze data via standard vendor API’s from business communications systems, in line with business policies, with minimal impact on your resources and the organization. 


We align the data against our behavioral model

We start analysing the last 12 months of data and current data from the business communications systems that you select, to build behavioral insight across team structures.


We deliver actionable insight within weeks

Within weeks you start receiving the actionable insight, derived from our analytics and consulting capabilities, to accelerate productivity, profitability and performance.


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