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The Transformation Partner

We are a business transformation company combining human expertise with advanced technologies, helping medium to mid-sized and large enterprises build future businesses that thrive.


Trusted transformation partner helping our clients lift performance.

AI-powered decision intelligence

Lift decision making and execution with AI-powered data analytics and insight.

Improve operational efficiency

Lift productivity and profitability of the core business and operating model.

Drive revenue & business growth

Achieve breakthrough growth with new business models, products and services.

AI-Powered Data Analytics Solution

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Dynamic Decision Intelligence.

Neurabiz is an AI-powered analytics solution that augments human decision making with real-time actionable insight to grow customer relationships, lift productivity and culture, accelerate lasting change.  

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Neurabiz solutions


Grow Customer Relationships

Real-time insight to lift customer engagement, relationships, retention, acquisition and growth. 


Lift Team Productivity & Culture

Real-time insight to lift team engagement, productivity, wellbeing and talent retention.


Accelerate Lasting Change

Real-time insight to lift engagement and enablement for business transformation. 

Innovative Business Transformation Company and TSIA Partner


The Most Innovative Business Transformation Company 2023

Afinico received an award from the Wealth & Finance Management Consulting Awards in 2023 for being the most innovative business transformation company.


Technology Services Industry Association Community Partner

Afinico is a community partner of the TSIA in the USA,  the leading research advisory organization that helps technology and services companies around the world.

Accelerate Change. Grow Customers. Build Team Culture.  Lift Performance.

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