Helping people and organisations
 thrive in the digital age.

Better Business, Learning and Wellbeing.

Align to Accelerate

We help people and organisations thrive in the digital age.

Afinico aligns organisational relationships and knowledge, to accelerate outcomes and value, helping people and organisations thrive in a disruptive digital age.

People, knowledge and relationships are the lifeblood of any organisation and increasingly so in ecosystem environments today where outcomes and value are co-created, in Products and Services, by diverse groups of people, companies and partnerships. To thrive in a disruptive digital age requires people to collaborate, innovate and co-create together, to accelerate outcomes and value, with the agility of a startup and the processes of an established organisation.

Afinico aims to help people, through Afinico as a Service, to adopt an agile and resilient operating model to thrive in the disruptive digital age. We achieve this through four inter-connected capability areas (Lead, Engage, Adapt, Deliver), aligning relationships and knowledge across organisational capabilities, for accelerated outcomes & value.


Strategic leadership with purpose, values and aligned direction.


Aligned stakeholder engagement for human experiences.


Adaptability with agility and resilience for learning & growth.


Execution excellence of outcomes and value, with digital.

Afinico as a Service


We provide ongoing assessment to capture organisational knowledge and relationships, unrestricted access, coaching and advice (for nominated people) to align decision making for accelerated outcomes and value, with action based recommendations and services for ongoing client success management.

Better Business, Learning and Wellbeing.

Wayne Yarr established Afinico, with a vision to help people around the world create better businesses, advance their learning as technology advances and maintain physical and mental wellbeing in the age of digital disruption.  

As an experienced Chief Executive Officer, international business executive, sports coach and teacher, Wayne has a passion for business, learning and wellbeing. He also has an international network of consultants and companies with diversity of experience and ideas, who have worked together to solve many human-centric challenges in organisations undergoing disruptive change. 

Advancing Humanity with Technology.

Afinico's purpose is to advance human potential in the disruptive age of exponential technology advancement. 

We live in a disruptive VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity) age today, where the pace of change is relentless, with technology advancing exponentially, accelerating this change. Humans need to be able to adapt and advance at the same or greater rate than the technological advancement, define the human-centered outcomes required of the technology and create people driven value through creativity, collaborative innovation and long term purposeful alignment.

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